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Dongfang Precision Group’s Brand-new Image Unveiled
Release time:2018-12-10 Author:GuoHai Zhou

Rebuilding of the VI system for Dongfang Precision Group (DPG) is the first leap for capacity building of collectivized brand management in the Group’s globalization strategy. This is to develop collectivized brand management abilities for DPG, establish a collectivized brand standard, provide brand support for each subsidiary, coordinate and integrate brand resources and lay a solid foundation for building a brand management system featuring brand sharing.

The establishment of a unified VI visual identification system for the Group internally strengthens the cohesion of the group, unites cognition and sense of approval, and enhances sense of belonging of different units of the Group; it externally sets up the overall image of the Group, integrates the resources, communicate the information of the Group to the audience in a in a controlled way and reinforces audience awareness in a visual format so as to gain recognition and accumulate brand assets of the Group. 

Only VI design in a strategic perspective

can meet the development needs of the Group

and enhance the internal identifiability of brand image

so as to characterize the Group by features of a big brand.

Building of the visual identification system of DPG is to better disseminate

the operation philosophy and culture of the Group,

establish the Group awareness and shape the image of the Group.



DF, originating from the east 

DF not only is the acronym of Dongfang (Precision), but also represents cohesion of the oriental spirit.

Rooted in China, Dongfang Precision has been seeking for innovative breakthroughs for an enterprise by fusing the world's leading scientific and technological wisdom with the oriental wisdom;

In pursuit of the cultural renaissance of a great power, we endow the enterprise with more right mind fullness for development, manage to be norm-abiding and innovative and build up the confidence and pride of oriental enterprises with the products of Dongfang Precision. 


Engaged in two parellel principal business sectors,Dongfang Precision closely follows the global trend of industrial development


As an enterprise with a global layout, taking a broad view of the pattern of the times and the trend of global industrial development, Dongfang Precision

takes the intelligent high-end equipment and core auto parts as the parallel main business sectors and keeps pace with the needs of global markets and green energy development

in a bid to build ourselves into an innovative business entity characterized by sustainable development and key core competitiveness. 




The future of Dongfang is the future of strivers

This is an epoch of strivers! It belongs to all those who are intrepid enough to make every endeavor for their dreams

Laying emphasis on development and achievements of strivers, Dongfang achieves the development as an enterprise by gathering wisdom of all people and fulfilling the dreams of everyone.



There is always a force driving us forward

This force comes from constant improvement and refinement

And energy convergence as a  result of integrated development of the whole industrial chain and the innovation and breakthrough in Dongfang’s keeping pace with the global industrial trend

All these constitute the continuous power to drive forward the enterprise, so that we, who have been united, can create and share together and propel each other to a better future:


To propel emlomyees to achieve happaniness and prosperity

To propel investors to obtain opportunities and returns

To propel cooperative partners to gain confidance and development

TO propel the country and the public to acquire trust and happiness






Part of the VI system of DPG is as follows:




(Inspiration source and evolution of the logo)

(Inspiration source and evolution of the logo)

(Rules on the standard [Chinese] font for the logo )

(combination mode)

Co-branding guidelines

Auxiliary graph


The VI application system of DPG

The office service system

Envelopes,  pens, notebooks

Office cups, handbags


Environmental guide system


Advertising visual system


Multi-media system


Forge with Dongfang, and draw a beautiful blueprint together

Strive for the great goals by joining hands with Dongfang

Drive the future and forge ahead valiantly