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Milestone Pro-line successfully trial-produced its first cardboard
Release time:2018-12-10

In Sept. 11, the 1st paper board successfully passed the first Pro-line, in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China. That’s a milestone of Fosber Asia to step into a new era of Pro-line. 


The new design corrugator line, which is launched in 2017, dedicates to the demand and requirement of Asian market with designed width 2.5m and designed speed to 250 mpm; Product range of Pro-line covers 2.2m, 2.5m and 2.8m, speed varies from 250 mpm to 300mpm.

此条新设计的瓦楞纸板生产线于2017年推出,着重于满足亚洲市场的产品需求和品质要求,其设计幅宽为2.5米,设计速度为250 mpm;佛斯伯Pro-line的规格包含2.2米、2.5米和2.8米,设计速度由250mpm 到300 mpm的规格。

As the key design is still made by Italian R&D team, Pro-line inherited the patent features: wet end beltless technology and dry end oil free technology. For better service to Asian market, we also improve the Syncro corrugator control system and short order running capacity. 

由于关键设计仍然由意大利研发团队操刀,Pro-line秉承以下专利特征,包括:瓦线湿部无皮带和干部无润滑技术。 此外,为更好地服务亚洲市场,我们还改进了Syncro瓦楞机控制系统和提高了小订单生产能力。

For better maintenance of high performance and stability, Fosber has been carefully selected suppliers from all over the world and employed quality control and production teams from Italy. Combining industrial experience of Fosber Italy and market knowledge of local Chinese team, Fosber’s brand-new Pro-line attached attentions from the market practitioners once published. 

为了更好地确保高性能和稳定性,佛斯伯精选了来自世界各地的优质供应商,并聘请了来自意大利的质量控制和生产团队。 结合佛斯伯意大利行业经验和中国团队的市场知识,佛斯伯全新Pro-line一经问世就广受市场从业者的关注。

In compliance with our high quality product, we also provide customers with professional service. For now, our service team has considerable technicians which consists of skillful Italian and Chinese members. The team can make sure a prompt action and great performance to all the service request in Asian Market. 


There will be more and more Pro-line set up in Chinese market in the next few months. We will surprise you with our sincerity and professional technology.