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Beijing Pride Convenes Commendation Meeting on Safety Month Activities
Release time:2018-07-11

At 10:00 a.m. on July 10, 2017, Beijing Pride Power System Technology Co., Ltd held the 2017 Summary Meeting of Safety Month in the lecture hall of BJE’s complex building and awarded the teams and individuals who performed well in the safety month activities. With full support of the Labor Union of Beijing Pride and leaders of all levels as well as active participation by all staff, the meeting achieved a complete success.
This commendation conference is divided into three parts. Firstly, Qi Wending, Quality and Operation Director, systematically introduced the safety activities in June. The whole safety month activity was carried out in three stages. In the publicity stage, the relevant personnel of different levels of the Company makes the whole staff understand the theme of the safety month and the activity plan by means of the event launch meeting, security wall chart, wall newspaper, theme signature, essays, photography competition and the publicity and implementation of the security system, so as to lay a foundation for smooth implementation of the activities. As many as 539 people participated in the theme signature activity.
In the implementation stage, the new employees learned and signed the Safety Responsibility Agreement and the Commitment Letter in order to understand the safety responsibilities of their posts; Over 95% of the employees participated in the six specific security trainings, which considerably enhanced the overall security awareness for all of them; Safety inspection, self-check and self-correction, emergency drill and knowledge contests enabled employees to master skills in practice, thus achieving the purpose of safety education and methods teaching.
In the summary stage of safety month activities at the end of June, the Safety Committee sorted out the safety month activities and ranked the departments according to their excellent performance. The Planning Logistics Department ranked first with a total score of 102.4, while the Production Department and the Laboratory ranked the second and the third with a score of 100.3 and 94.1, respectively.
In the second part, leaders at all levels of the Company commended and awarded 163 outstanding individuals who gave excellent performance in the Safety Month. General Manager of Yang Huai, Deputy General Manager of Zhou Qifa and of Qi Wending respectively awarded medals to the top three of excellent departments and took photos with them.
At last, Yang Huai, General Manager, summarized the Commendation Meeting on Safety Month Activities. General Manager Yang applauded implementation and results of the safety month activities, expressed congratulations to the excellent departments and employees and put forward new requirements for all employees. Safety Month is not the end of the security work but a new starting point and I hope you cherish the honor, build on your achievements, make persistent efforts and continue to make new contribution for safety production, he said.