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Dongfang Precision Group subsidiary Fosber Asia and Xinsheng Group subsidiary Hengsheng Packaging held a Strategic ContractSignature Conference
Release time:2021-04-12

On Apr. 12th, 2021, Dongfang Precision Group subsidiary Fosber Asia and Xinsheng Group subsidiary Hengsheng Packaging held a Strategic Contract Signature Conference. Mr. Deng Jianbin, Group chairman and CEO of Xinsheng and Mr. QiuYezhi, Global CEO of Dongfang Presicion both represented their company andsigned the cooperation agreement. More than 60 people, including Mr. KK Law,Sales Director of Fosber Asia, and representatives of the management team of Xinsheng Group, attended the signing ceremony to witness the important strategic cooperation between the two parties.

With this signing ceremony, Hengsheng Packaging, a subsidiary of Xinsheng Group, has invested the "intelligent corrugated cardboard production line" and cooperated with Fosber Asia to compose a new chapter of "Intelligent Manufacturing". It is learnt that the newly introduced Fosber production line is equipped with a number of high-tech intelligent technologies, including intelligent adjustment, automatic control and other functions, which can avoid various problems that caused by corrugated shapes and ensure the production with better flute and higher-strength corrugated cardboard.

(Fosber Aisa “Intelligent Corrugated Production Line" PRO/LINE)

Features of Intelligent Corrugated Board Production Line - PRO/LINE :

The 2.5M intelligent corrugated cardboard production line produced by Fosber Aisa inherits Italian design concepts and has the following original features:

1.Machine Performance Characteristics:

The corrugated production line equipped with Wet-End Beltless technology and Dry-End Oil-free technology. The single-facer in the Wet-End unit applies Beltless technology to ensure better control accuracy; Reasonable corrugated roll diameter ratio design reduces the damage to paper fibers, allowing themachines to run at high speed no matter high-weight or low-weight materials.

The Oil-free technology of the slitting section in Dry-End unit reduces lubrication and the risk of lubricating oil contaminating the cardboard; Patented hydraulicknife bar technology increases the operation life of the cut-off knife; Unique stacker control technology reduce the cycle time and ensures better stacking.

2. System performancecharacteristics:

Closed-loopprocess control ensures precise control on cardboard quality. On the system design, the whole line takes into account both the needs of integrity and modularity, and has multiple comprehensive functions such as target speed control while monitoring the entire production line process.

Applying the principles of big data technology, through data modeling, it forms various parameter comparisons, displaying system parameters more intuitively, which will greatly improve production efficiency and reduce workers’ technical dependence.

(Ms. Qiu Yezhi, Global CEO of Dongfang Precision Group)

Ms. Qiu Yezhi, Global CEO of Dongfang Precision Group, expressed her confidence on cooperating with Xinsheng Group: "Dongfang Precision Group and Xinsheng Group have had a long-term friendship of 11 years. I firmly believe that Chairman Deng’s positioning of building the largest packaging technology industrial park in western China is very accurate and the plan is scientific and reasonable. Market surely exists. Xinsheng Group has the strength to integrate resources, takes the lead in introducing advanced equipment and talents, and seizes market opportunities, the Group’s dream will surely be reflected in reality."

(Mr. DengJianbin, Chairman and CEO of Xinsheng Group)

At the ceremony, Mr. Deng Jianbin, Chairman and CEO of Xinsheng Group, said that the investment on Fosber's "Intelligent corrugated cardboard production line" will further strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of the group's paper packaging business. He also releases Xinsheng Group’s 5-year strategic plan for the packaging unit – To create the largest packaging industrial park that covers nearly 1,000 acres in western China.

(Xinsheng Group and Dongfang Precision Group representatives)