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Parsun F115 outboard motor rolls off production lin
Release time:2021-07-14

A celebration ceremony was held earlier today at the company`s headquarters in the city of Suzhou near Shanghai. Mr. Peter Bian, chairman of Parsun, and Mr. Xia Jian, general manager of Parsun attended the event with other members of the company.

The success of Parsun`s F115 project means that China is now the third country to have the capability to produce large horsepower outboard motors after the American and Japanese  brands. Parsun also becomes the first company in China which can mass produce 115HP motors .

New features of the F115 merit :

The addition of a knock proof sensor and a sensor for water detection. The innovative crankshaft bias design and the connection of the flywheel and crankshaft. The cooling design with the central exhaust system .The absence of cylinder liners. The design of propeller reversal. The camshaft with independent inlet and exhaust. The APP self-diagnosis engine system, which facilitates maintenance and after sales care.

At the ceremony Mr. Peter Bian, chairman of Parsun, delivered a congratulatory speech and took the opportunity to express his confidence in the further development of Parsun. As the leader in the outboard engine industry of China, Parsun’s commitment has never changed, which is based on continuously strengthening product quality, exploring market demand, and improving customer satisfaction resulting in its steadily increasing market share. Today, Parsun's F115 gasoline outboard engine fills the gap in the production of high-power outboard engines in the domestic market, and reflects Parsun's leading position in the outboard engine industry in China. Looking to the future, Parsun is committed to becoming a world-class aquatic power products producer and will continue to strive to build an international brand.

Subsequently, Mr. Xia Jian, general manager of Parsun, pointed out that F115 epitomizes the efforts of the R & D team who continue to overcome technical problems and to achieve successful innovations. After extensive durability tests the 115 is now ready to enter world markets.

Parsun has its own independent intellectual property rights and its products have been approved by domestic and international institutions. It has been granted type approval certificates from organizations such as CCS type approval China, EPA and CE, etc. Parsun`s engines are already distributed in North-America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Parsun Power`s stated policy is to keep innovating and to provide excellent service to all its customers.