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“Gathering at Dongfang for a Brighter Future” ——Dongfang Precision Group 2021 Strategy Workshop
Release time:2021-11-22

Dongfang Precision Group 2021 Strategy Workshop was successfully held from November 1st to 3rd, 2021, at Banyan Tree Yangshuo Resort, in Guangxi Province, China. It was a joyful gathering between the Group and its subsidiaries, with the attendance of Mr. Victor Tang, the Chairman of Dongfang, Ms. Annie Qiu, the Global CEO of Dongfang, and the leaders of each department in Dongfang Precision(China), Fosber Asia, Parsun, Dongfang Digicom, Yineng Investment and etc. Together with Fosber Italy, Fosber America and EDF Europe, who participated in the workshop via video, we had an extensive consultation on the Five-Year Strategic Plan of the Group and subsidiaries, aiming for a brighter future.

The company representatives had shared their insight views and analyses on respective Five-Year Strategy Plan, including Mr. Massimiliano Bianchi, the Chairman and Executive Director of Fosber Group, Mr. Jeff Pallini, the President of Fosber America, Mr. Peter Bian, the Chairman of Parsun, Mr. Wayne Deng, the General Manager of Dongfang Precision(China), Mr. Marco Bertola, the General Manager of Fosber Asia, Mr. Federico Bonetti, the General Manager of EDF Europe, Mr. Graziano Galletti, the Executive Director of EDF Europe, Mr. Xiaofeng Wang, the CEO of Dongfang Digicom, Mr. Zhen Xu, the General Manager of Dongfang Digicom, and Mr. Weihui Zhou, the General Manager of Yineng Investment.

All participants were divided into groups for discussions and suggestions, regarding each subsidiary company’s strategic plan. The active interaction and the future plan have been encouraging for all in work.

Mr. Victor Tang, the Chairman of Dongfang, and Ms. Annie Qiu, the Global CEO of Dongfang had made comments respectively on each subsidiary and each group.

Ms Sophia Xie, the Vice President of Dongfang Precision Group who is responsible for strategy formulation, had introduced the revised version of the Third Five-Year Strategic Plan (2018-2022), and the outlook of the Fourth Five-Year Strategic Plan, which had injected full confidence in all member’s hearts. Both Mr. Victor Tang and Ms. Annie Qiu had made supplementary interpretation on strategic plans.

This three-day grand event is of great significance to the future of Dongfang Precision Group. Stable development and proactive strategic plans enable Dongfang Precision Group to take every solid and confident step towards future. Let us stay true to our initiative, join hands together to create a brighter future!