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Hengsheng Project Started Successfully
Release time:2022-03-18

Congratulations on the successful startup of Fosber Asia intelligent corrugator production line introduced by Xinsheng Group subsidiary Hengsheng Packaging on March 16, 2022!

This is another milestone after the establishment of the strategic cooperation between Fosber Asia and Xinsheng Group Hengsheng Packaging on April 12, 2021. Under the strategic plan of leading the market with technology, Xinsheng Group builds the Western Packaging Technology Industrial Park, integrating paper packaging, plastic packaging and all resources in the packaging industry chain. Fosber Asia's participation as a supplier of high-quality corrugated cardboard in Xinsheng Group's 10 billion packaging technology industrial park and the industrial strategic target of regional industry leaders is one of the key factors to achieve industry upgrading and win-win development for customers.

The intelligent corrugator production line is PRO/LINE with working width of 2.5m and design speed up to 300mpm. Its design inherits the Italian design concept and has the following original performance:

Machine performance characteristics: BELTNESS technology at the wet end of the production line and oil-free technology at the dry end.

The PRO/Facer at the wet end with BELTNESS technology can control the accuracy better; the differential design of the two differently sized corrugating rolls can reduce the damage to paper fibers, allowing high and low gram weights of all materials can run at high speed and high quality.

The oil-free technology in the slitter scorer of dry end with no need of lubrication oil can reduce the risk of lubricating oil contaminating the cardboard. The cut-off knife incorporates Fosber's patented hydrostatic bearing knife bars, which can increase blade life and the unique stacker control technology increases the cycle time and ensures better stacking.

System performance characteristics: closed-loop process control.

The system design takes into account the requirements of integrity and modularity. It has various comprehensive functions such as target speed control, and also takes into account the monitoring of the entire production line. Applying the principle of big data technology, through data modeling, various parameter comparisons are formed and system parameters are displayed more intuitively, so production efficiency is greatly improved, and technical dependence on workers is reduced.

Judging from the start-up on site, this Fosber Asia PRO/LINE 300 corrugator production line runs excellently: the production speed, performance and stability are obvious to all.

Fosber Asia devotes ourselves to offer high-quality products and service to customers. In recent years, despite the obvious fluctuations in the domestic and international markets under the influence of the epidemic, as the leading brand in the industry, Fosber Asia and Hengsheng Packaging both adhere to the business philosophy of "creating green boutique packaging and protecting the happy life of the people". We believe that in the near future, together with Hengsheng, we will continue to recruit technical elites, improve service, consistently provide customers with high-quality products and services, and win leading brands in many industries such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, and e-commerce. The affirmation and support of customers highlights the advantages of Hengsheng Packaging. Fosber Asia sincerely wishes Xinsheng Group Hengsheng Packaging to make great progress and create brilliant future!