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Parsun Power Collaborates with Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue to Support Public Welfare Rescue Efforts
Release time:2023-09-19

Recently, Mr. Zhang Ning, the Sales Vice President of Parsun Power, led a team to visit Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team and donated an outboard engine needed for water rescue. And had a friendly discussions with Captain Wei, the leader of Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team on follow-up public welfare cooperation.

Established in 2014, Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team is the first non-profit professional rescue organization in Suzhou. With the support and assistance from various levels of government, as well as enthusiastic citizens and businesses, they engage in activities such as disaster prevention, emergency response, safety education, water salvage, and missing persons search. They also cooperate with fire and public security departments to carry out various rescue missions. Moreover, Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team has actively participated in domestic and international disaster relief efforts, making significant contributions as an important supplementary force to government rescue operations.

This collaboration has enhanced the rescue equipment and supplies of Suzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team. Captain Wei expressed sincere thanks for the donation from Parsun Power. He also provided an overview of this year's main training objectives, including strengthening the specialization of team members and conducting water rescue training.

"Joining hands with Blue Sky Rescue to support public welfare rescue efforts," Parsun Power calls for more compassionate individuals and businesses to take on social responsibilities proactively and contribute to society.