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Successful Completion of Cross-cultural Business Social Skills Training
Release time:2023-06-21

To enhance the cross-cultural business social and communication skills of employees within DF Group and its subsidiaries, Group HR Department organized the training session "Cross-cultural Business Social Skills Training: From 'Emotional Connection' to 'Value Delivery'" on June 21st. The training session invited cross-cultural expert, Ms. Su Dai, to conduct on-site lectures. More than 30 participants from Group Headquarters and subsidiaries attended this training program.

During the training session, Ms. Dai Su provided a comprehensive and accessible explanation of the three key elements in the process of business social interaction: emotional connection, cognitive connection, and value delivery. She also shared ten effective tools, accompanied by rich case studies and practical exercises, to enhance participation and stimulate thinking among the trainees, and further improved their cross-cultural business social and communication skills.

It is believed that the trainees will be more confident and skilled in handling various business social occasions in their future careers, making a greater contribution to the international development of the Group. Group HR Department will continue to optimize the talent management system, assisting employees in broadening their international perspectives, actively improving their international competence, and promoting cultural diversity integration.