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Corporate governance
  • Tang Zhuolin
    Tang Zhuolin

    Tang Zhuolin: male, Chinese nationality, born in 1963He used to be the director of Guicheng Donger Plastic Textile Factory of Nanhai and Guicheng Donger Printing Machinery of Nanhai. Since 1996, he has served as chairman, general manager and chief engineer of Dongfang Precision and now chairman of the Company, vice chairman of Beijing Pride, member of the board of Dongfang Precision (Hong Kong)Co., Ltd, member of the board of Fosber Group of Italy, member of the board of Parsun Power and member of the board of Dongfang Precision (Netherlands)Co., Ltd. He is also a member of Political Consultative Conference of Nanhai District, Executive Director of the 8thCouncil of China Packaging Federation (CPF), Deputy Director of the convention of the packaging committee of CPF, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Food & Packaging Machinery Trades Association, Vice Chairman of Foshan Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, Chairman of Nanhai Machinery and Equipment Industry Association and Vice Chairman of Foshan High-Tech Industry Development Zone.

  • Qiu Yezhi
    Qiu Yezhi

    Qiu Yezhi: female, Chinese nationality, born in 1972,received a master degree in MBA Since 1996, she has served successively as Director of the Office of General Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager of Operations, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Dongfang Precision. From July of 2010 to October of 2013, she served as General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Company. She currently serves as the Company's Director and General Manager, Director of Fosber Group of Italy, Director of Fosber Group of the United States, Director of Parsun Power, Director of Ferret to group in Italy, Board Member of Fosber Asia, Board Member of Jaten Robot & Automation and member of the PCC of Foshan.

  • Xie Weiwei
    Xie Weiwei

    Xie Weiwei Xie Weiwei: male, Chinese nationality, born in 1974, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with an MBA degree in 2008. He used to be the Deputy General Manager of Foshan United Transport Company, Chair of Board of Directors of East Freight Yard Railway Logistics Co., Ltd, Deputy Chief of Development and Reform Section of SASAC, and Deputy Director of Investment Department and Director of Assets Management Department of Foshan Financial Investment Holding Co., Ltd. He is now Deputy General Manager of the Company, Board Member of Parsun Power, Board Member and General Manager of Guangdong Ferret to.

  • Mai Zhirong
    Mai Zhirong

    Mai Zhirong: male, Chinese nationality, born in 1971, graduated from Guangdong Provincial Party School with a bachelor’s degree in 1999 and from CRTVU with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2007; He is now a CPA, CPV and CTA. He served successively as an accountant of Nanhai branch of Guangdong Development Bank and auditor of Nanhai Auditing Firm. He is now Deputy Director of Foshan JunLang Certified Public Accountants Firm Co., Ltd and independent board member of Dongfang Precision as well as Grand Blue Environment Co., Ltd.

  • Peng Xiaowei
    Peng Xiaowei

    Peng Xiaowei: male, Chinese nationality, born in 1971, graduated from Shanghai University of Electric Power with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry in 1995 and began to work in the electric power system of Foshan. In 2001, he was rated as a chemical engineer. In 2002, he passed the first National Judicial Examination. From 2003 to 2015, he served as a full-time lawyer and partner of King pound Law Firm. He is currently senior partner of Yingke (Guangzhou) Law Firm in Beijing, independent board member of Dongfang Precision, Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co.,Ltd as well as CNLIGHT Co., Ltd.

  • He Weifeng
    He Weifeng

    He Weifeng: male, Chinese nationality, born in 1961.Received a master degree in Mechanical Engineering of Guangdong University of Technology and now Associate Professor of Guangdong University of Technology, Deputy Dean of Packaging Engineering Department of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and independent board member of Dongfang Precision. Mr. He Weifeng has been engaged in the teaching and research of packaging engineering and printing technology for 20 years, and has designed and developed packaging and printing machinery and equipment such as bag packaging machine, pillow packaging machine and box making machine.