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To promote learning by exams, to promote application by learning
Release time:2018-07-24

New requirements have been put forward for the Company's organizational capacities by the formulation of the first five-year strategic plan of DPG and determination of the strategies of dual industry sectors, extensive-type strategy, globalization strategy and coordinated strategic direction. A definite authorization system plays a crucial role in the implementation of group control and improvement of group governance mode.

In a bid to effectively implement the scope of authorization related to corporate operation and management, further facilitate effective implementation of the authorization system, implementation of DPG’s strategic achievements on organizational control of Yuanhang Phase I and improve emphasis on the authorization by the management, DPG simultaneously held the closed-book exams on the authorization system and responsibilities of departments and posts in Shenzhen and Foshan and the heads of each department of the DPG headquarters, the relevant managerial staff and heads of level-1 departments of the subsidiaries  participated in the examination on July 20.

To test to promote knowledge acquisition: You can do it only if you know how to do it and you can implement anything only if you lay stress on it in mind

Authorization means responsibilities. Managers should not only be responsible for the results of their review and approval, but also understand the relevant authorization decision-making matters and key processes at work and abide by their application by taking the lead. Test everyone’s understanding of the authorization system, help managers get familiar with the key authorization matters at the Group level and the key authorization process in the field they are responsible for, and strengthen your understanding of the seriousness of the authorization system

The average score in the authorization system examination is 82 points and the scores of 16 people are no lower than 80 points, as means examinees have understood the system well.
The Foshan authorization system test site

To promote knowledge understanding with actions: practical implementation entails clear responsibility requirements

A clear division of duties comprehensively delineates the responsibilities and rights for employees and is conducive to clearly defining the work scope and divide responsibilities for them. The employees can fulfill their duties only when they clearly know the requirements of the Company for their posts.

The average score in examination of responsibilities of departments and posts is 81 points and the scores of 14 people are no lower than 80 points, as means examinees have understood the system well.
(The department and post duty examination sites in Shenzhen and Foshan)

Integration of knowledge and practice: implementation and application within the department

As the first responsible person for implementation of the authorization system and direct stakeholder for the performance of the department's responsibilities, senior executives and department heads shall organize the study and examination on the department's internal staff authorization system and post responsibilities by themselves. In view of the actual situation of the department, we made suggestions on how to implement the authorization system in the future and promote study of the authorization system for members in the unit.


Excerpt: the ideas of some managers promoting the authorization system

The authorization system is an important management system for DPG to go global and carry out group management and control in the future. Clear definition of responsibilities and rights is conducive to the realization of institutionalized and process-based management in management of the Company, so that all work has rules and grounds to follow and ultimately achieves standardization of management. I will organize the department to study the authorization content in depth at the same time and make the authorization content into a booklet and send it to my colleagues for learning. At the same time, I will implement the authorization system meticulously at work and take to lead in order to set an example.

-Lin Miao, Vice President of DPG

In terms of actions, we must resolutely implement the items of authorization for examination and approval, implement before understanding them and strengthen understanding in the process of implementation. We must lead by example and be a pioneer in this field. We should not only learn by ourselves, but also drive our team and colleagues in the department to practice together. In the process of practice, we should pay attention to the horizontal connection of authorization. We should not only learn details of authorization system in our department, but also be familiar with the authorization content related to other departments, so as to achieve concerted actions and linked overall elements.

-Xie Weiwei, Vice President of DPG

Without a three-level authorization system, implementation of any work will be encountered with many adverse effects including duplication, confusion and lack of coordination. The printing press business unit will strictly implement DPG's authorization system, effectively carry out various management work, correctly convey the strategic intention of DPG, supervise the business direction of our unit, effectively respond to DPG's instructions and perform our responsibilities and obligations for the purpose of satisfactory results and achievements.

-Dong Yongjie, General Manager of Printing Press Business Unit

I will organize all staff of the unit to study the authorization manual later, require them to master all contents related to their daily work, organize the relevant examinations, carry out all work in strict accordance with this system, and take whether to carry out work in strict accordance with the authorization requirements as one of the indicators in KPI assessment.

-Zhu Hongyu, Securities Affairs Representative of Securities Department of DPG

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