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The 2024 Dongfang Precision "Safety Production Month" Knowledge Competition is now online!
Release time:2024-06-28

This June marks the 23rd "Safety Production Month" across the country, with the theme "Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Knows How to Respond to Emergencies - Ensuring Smooth Lifelines." Each employee must strengthen their sense of mission, take the initiative to fulfill their responsibilities, truly engrave the responsibility for safety in their hearts, grasp it in their hands, shoulder it on their shoulders, and implement it in practice, to jointly create a safe, orderly, harmonious, and stable working environment!

To further enhance the safety awareness of all employees and fortify the safety defense line, the company, based on actual conditions and revolving around the safety month theme of "Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Knows How to Respond to Emergencies - Ensuring Smooth Lifelines," will continue to carry out an online safety production knowledge quiz competition throughout June. Participating in the competition offers a chance to receive a practical gift, with the gifts ready to be sent out - come and join the activity!
This safety knowledge competition takes the "Safety Production Month" activities as an opportunity, the company deeply implements the deployment of the "Safety Production Month" activities, promotes the enhancement of safety awareness among all personnel, promotes the implementation of safety responsibilities among all personnel, improves the emergency response capabilities of all personnel, effectively curbs the occurrence of various safety accidents, and resolutely maintains the safety and stability of the company's production environment.