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The F300 outboard engine is launched with great fanfare, leading the new chapter in marine power!
Release time:2024-03-29

Setting off in spring and moving towards the sun, on March 26, 2024, the long-awaited F300 new product launch became the focus of the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Mr. Wu Qiang, the Executive Vice President of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, Mr. Jia Bing, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, Mr. Xia Jian, the General Manager of Suzhou Baisheng Power Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baisheng Power"), Mr. Zhang Ning, the Deputy General Manager of Sales at Baisheng Power, and Mr. Zhao Yong, the Deputy General Manager of R&D at Baisheng Power attended the event. The F300 outboard engine, launched at the event, showcased excellent performance and appearance with its leading technology and unique design, attracting attention from many inside and outside the industry. Hundreds of guests and merchants stopped to exchange ideas, creating a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Wu Qiang gave a speech for the launch. First, he pointed out that the shipbuilding industry has tremendous growth potential and development space in terms of market size. With the continuous increase in consumer demand and improvement in consumption requirements, the shipbuilding industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. In terms of technological innovation, intelligence, green environmental protection, and high performance will become the key words for the future development of the yacht industry. Subsequently, Mr. Wu stated that the F300 to be showcased at the Baisheng Power new product launch represents a new step for domestic high-horsepower outboard engines, further closing the gap with the international outboard engine market and filling the domestic high-horsepower outboard engine market gap. Finally, Mr. Wu expressed his vision for the development of the shipbuilding industry, hoping that everyone will take this Baisheng Power new product launch as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, work together to face challenges, and share development opportunities.

Next, Mr. Zhang Ning, the Deputy General Manager of Sales at Baisheng Power, gave a speech at the launch. Mr. Zhang first warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the guests for their presence. Then, he pointed out that the F300 is a milestone for Baisheng and China's outboard engines entering the high-end mainstream market, achieving a breakthrough from "0" to "1". Finally, Mr. Zhang emphasized that Baisheng people are brave in tackling difficulties, not afraid of challenges, and pursue excellence, being runners on the road of innovation, which is also the responsibility and mission given to Baisheng people by the times. In the future, Baisheng Power will also strive to climb the technological peak, driven by technological innovation, continuously achieving new development and completing new leaps, showing its prowess in the market and creating brilliance again.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhao Yong, the Deputy General Manager of R&D at Baisheng Power, introduced the new product and focused on the highlights and features of the F300. Mr. Zhao mentioned that the F300 is a milestone for Baisheng Power and China's outboard engines entering the high-end mainstream market. He emphasized that after three years, the Baisheng F300 was born! The model combines strength with an elegant appearance, with three shaft lengths to adapt to different boat types and multi-engine applications. The powerful power comes from a V6 300-horsepower engine, maintaining a lightweight and sturdy body while providing high power output. The transmission system uses top military materials, and the spray paint surface is corrosion-resistant up to 3500 hours of neutral salt fog. The equipment is equipped with an advanced electronic control system—electronic throttle, variable valve timing, electronic gear shifting, and hydraulic and oil pressure monitoring alarms. The intelligent operating system has also been updated, including a 10-inch touch screen, ergonomic remote control handle, and features such as multi-engine linkage, auxiliary docking, and multi-site functions, with a waterproof level of IP67, and is compatible with NMEA2000, offering high reliability and long life for long voyages at sea.

Baisheng Power's General Manager Xia Jian, Deputy General Manager of Sales Zhang Ning, and Deputy General Manager of R&D Zhao Yong conducted the unveiling ceremony for the F300. As the red cloth was removed, the sleek model with its eye-catching appearance came into view, marking the official launch of the F300.

The F300 outboard engine is ready to lead a new era in China's shipbuilding industry. It will bring a better power experience to navigators and help the entire shipping industry move towards a more powerful and efficient future. This is a big step for China's outboard engine technology and an important chapter in China's shipping history.

With the impressive launch of the F300, Baisheng has proven to the world its leading position and outstanding strength in China's outboard engines. We firmly believe that only through continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence can we lead the industry trend and create a more brilliant future. The successful holding of this new product launch is not only a comprehensive display of Baisheng Power's R&D technical strength but also a demonstration of Baisheng people's determination to face challenges, climb to the top, and their confidence in the future. Baisheng always insists on striving to connect China's outboard engines with world-class standards, providing global ship users with higher quality and more efficient power solutions, and jointly promoting the prosperity and sustainable development of the shipping industry. Let's work together to create a better tomorrow!