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Company profile

Company profile

As the upstream industry of multi-color printing machine business, corrugated board production line manufacturing is mainly carried out by the Italian Fosber Group, which is acquired by Dongfang and, based on the corrugated carton packaging machinery industry, has been committed to providing services of the most competitive corrugated board production line design, manufacturing and installation for global customers. Fosber Group, founded in 1978, is located in Lucca of Italy and has the R&D centers in Italy and the United States. Fosber is the world's leading corrugated board production equipment supplier. In the field of high-speed wide-width corrugated board production, Fosber is one of the world's two largest manufacturers and our customers include International Paper, Smurfit Kappa and other world-renowned large packaging enterprises.In 2014, DPG completed the acquisition of Fosber (Italy) and established Fosber (Asia) in Nanhai District of Foshan so as to manufacture the corrugated board production equipment in Asia , thus forming the global layout from Europe, America to Asia.

Vision and mission

Fosber is the world's leading supplier of design, manufacturing and installation of the complete corrugated board production lines.

Corrugated board production lines

We provide customers with a full range of corrugated board production line equipment. With its innovative modular design, the machinery of Fosber can meet the customized needs of customers: those who can initially produce tens of millions of square meters of high-output cardboard per month and those "entry level" customers whose need is to start with low-output production, which can be upgraded to high output in the future.

  • Fosber HQ (Italy Lucca)
    Fosber HQ (Italy Lucca)
  • Fosber America (USA Green Bay)
    Fosber America (USA Green Bay)
  • Fosber Asia (China Foshan)
    Fosber Asia (China Foshan)