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Dongfang Printer Launching New FFG Successfully In Algeria
Release time:2021-06-18

Recently, Dongfang Printer has successfully Launched new flexo bottom printing machine with Inline Folder Gluer in Algeria.

The buyer is one of most influential carton manufacturer in Algeria. After customer built up the new factory and introduced Dongfang new flexo bottom printing machines with FFG in 2021, total production output has touched 4000Tons/month. The new machines obviously consolidated customer’s competitive position in market.  

During the period of installation & commissioning, the teams responsible for this project was striving to overcome the impact of covid-19 pandemic at overseas and secured the installation assignment carried on in order and safety way. With the joined efforts by both Dongfang Printer and the partner’s team,the machine started to run successfully at last.  

Machine Feature:

-- Labor saving with only 3-4 operators.

-- Highly automatic and convenient operation.

-- Equipped with PMS to have real time production management.

-- Suitable for white top kraft or coated paperboard.

Printer Unit Feature

-- Bottom Printer with vacuum suction transfer.

-- Fast washing and quick anilox roller change.

Die Cutter Unit Feature:

-- Independent servo drive compensate speed of anvil drum.

-- Independent servo drive reduce the vibrating of die cutter unit and guarantee the die cutting accuracy.

-- Serrapid quick lock die mounting system significantly improves your set-up time with quick positioning and locking.