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A Celebration Reception for the 25th Anniversary of the Founding and the 10th Anniversary of the Listing of Dongfang Precision
Release time:2021-09-08

At 3 P.M., August 30th, a celebration reception for the 25th Anniversary of the Founding and the 10th Anniversary of the Listing of Dongfang Precision Group was held at the headquarter in China. It was a joyful gathering of over 70 employees and guests of the company, including Mr. Victor Tang, the Founder and the Chairman of Dongfang, Mr. Michael Tang, the Co-founder of Dongfang, Ms. Annie Qiu, the Global CEO of Dongfang, senior management as well as those who have been with the company for over 20 years. During the reception, stories and development history of the company were shared and hands were joined to look forward to the bright future.



At the reception, Mr. Victor Tang, Mr. Michael Tang and Ms. Annie Qiu opened the champagne together and shared a toast with all at present. Memories of changes and developments of Dongfang over the years kept flashing back while watching the precious videos and old pictures of the company. Subsidiaries and old friends around the world who couldn’t attend the reception in person, also sent videos wishing Dongfang a Happy Birthday.


Along with the reform and opening-up in 1996, Dongfang Precision set sail on the land of Foshan City in Guangdong Province. It’s its mission and belief that to be a highly influential group in the industry, who is trusted by its clients, believed by its shareholders, and respected by its employees, have encouraged Dongfang to thrive and develop for 25 years. Only in hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested. With 25 years’ rapid development, Dongfang Precision has grew into a globalized high-end equipment manufacturing industrial Group with a complete industry chain spreading across Europe, Asia and North America. 

Looking back on Dongfangs’ progress in the past 25 years , Mr. Victor Tang, the Chairman of Dongfang, shared his journey and successful experience of how the company develops from a small factory to a multinational group. He also shared memories  with  those old employees who have been with  Dongfang for over 25 years. The Global CEO Ms. Annie Qiu, appreciated the past of times and was grateful for the trust and support of all friends and colleagues all the way through. Mr. Ping Qiu, the guest of Dongfang, has witnessed Dongfang’s 10-year development since its listing. He appreciated the mutual growth and mutual learning during the cooperation, and wished Dongfang a splendid future. The management of each business unit also congratulated Dongfang on its great achievement since its founding 25 years ago and listing 10 years ago, and they pledged to take the baton and lead the team to achieve better results. 



The following was the Award Ceremony. Mr. Victor Tang, the Chairman of Dongfang, and Ms. Annie Qiu, the Global CEO, presented the commemorative coin to employees who have been working at Dongfang for over 20 and 25 years respectively. Each coin was engraved with each of their names and the year they started. They took group photos together and encouraged them to keep up with their hard work and continue to contribute to Dongfang’s future development.   


This celebration reception for the 25th Anniversary of the Founding and the 10th Anniversary of the Listing of Dongfang Precision, not only brings us to review the past development, but also is an opportunity to look into the future prospects. The road ahead is long, and striving is the only way forward. Dongfang Precision will stay true to its mission and embark on a new journey. Let us all join hands together and make a splendid future.